Monday, November 2, 2009

The Dr's Response...

Dear Mrs. S,

Thank you for the update.

Her numbers from the last bloodwork looked good (sorry, I thought you were called about them).

Specifically, her hemoglobin has improved from 9.9 to 12.0 (anemia has resolved), plt decreased from 580 to 436 (good), ESR went from 103 (extremely elevated) to 20 (normal), CRP went from 9.9 (very high) to 0.06 (very normal, normal < 1.0). The ESR and CRP are the best markers for inflammation, and they are normal now, this is very positive. Kidney, liver and muscle-related enzymes are all normal. Tests for Epstein-Barr and Cytomegalovirus were negative. These test results corroborate the impression from the last visit that her disease process was entirely controlled.

The symptoms you are describing (pain in legs, back and head) are unlikely to be symptoms of any of the medications in particular. Lethargy/feeling unwell is sometimes seen after methotrexate but I would expect it to occur immediately but not with a delay of 24-48 hrs.

Why do you think she has trouble sleeping? Is it because of pain? Or is it because of agitation? Sleep problems can occur with corticosteroids but I was hoping for this to improve with once daily dosing in the morning.

I agree with continuing the naproxen twice daily for now while she has these symptoms. Did she have any recurrence of fevers or rash? While we taper corticosteroids, a recurrence of her s-JIA is also always a consideration but I would think this is somewhat unlikely given that we have not tapered very much. I would suggest for the time being to continue with the current treatment plan. If these symptoms should persist or worsen, or if fevers/rash should recur, I would like to see her back in clinic earlier than the planned four weeks. I would also consider to get repeat blood tests earlier rather than in four weeks, so we can pick up any early signs of inflammation.


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