Saturday, January 23, 2010

Too good to be true.

Bean took her 14th dose of Methotrexate last night. She didn't want to eat dinner it just isn't like my little beauti. She said her mouth hurt so I took a look and there it was, her first side effect - a mouth sore.

For 14 weeks she had no side effects...I guess it was just too good to be true.

We had some medicine to put on it - bad tasting medicine, bad smelling medicine...medicine that needs to dry before you can close your mouth our eat/drink anything. Bean is one of the worst medicine takers I know...

But our amazing friend B was over for dinner with her family, this is the woman who (in adition to J) helped me deliver all four of our children. If she could get me through that - she surely get Bean through this. Well she did! A bit if distraction, a bit of fun and we did it - She counted "black cats" and with that we were able to distract Bean enough to put medicne on and sooth her pain.

I will write Dr. H an e-mail to see if we increase the Folic Acid or if there is something else we can do. But for now - we are counting "black cats!"

1 black cat
2 black cats
3 black cats...

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